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In Switzerland, around CD_J_Fintechs_Unternehmen percent of fintech companies offer solutions in the banking sector. Among the most widely used technologies are process digitization, automation and robotics as well as shared ledger technology (e.g. blockchain). This is the conclusion of the "CD_J_Fintechs_Study" conducted by the University of Lucerne.

The study finds that FinTechs should solve real problems, for which the industry is still searching for relevant applications. In such a saturated market as the Swiss financial market, additional value for the user is mostly generated through a price or cost reduction, and/or increased convenience, but this strategy does not seem to be catching on. According to the study, many FinTechs companies are struggling with the challenge of inspiring enough clients.

Liberty is in the process of digitising pension provisions in Switzerland. Liberty is the sole provider in Switzerland to have consistently focused on an e-platform with an open architecture for the past CD_J_Fintechs_Jahrekonsequent years. The platform combines various pension, investment and risk tariff offerings under one roof and is therefore aimed at fintechs, who would like to join the platform and take advantage of our innovative strength.

We are searching for partners to join us in digitising the Swiss pension market and help us reach the next technological level. There are many different opportunities for partnerships, which range from individual process digitisation to the development of a joint digital offering.

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